Membership has its Benefits

The IndyPass membership provides access to urgent care visits for acute illnesses and injuries. The following is a list of common medical complaints covered by the IndyPass membership for just $10 per visit.


Acute Care

Allergic reactions Allergy symptoms


Bug bites & stings Burns (minor)

Ear aches and infections

Gout Joint pain

Pink eye & styes

STD treatment STD partner treatment

Splinter removal

Suture & staple removal Tick bites

Urinary tract infections

Cold, Flu and Respiratory Infections


Common cold 

Common cold



Hay fever




Sinus infection

Sore throat

Trachea infection


Back pain or strains                                                  


Burns from heat or chemical exposure (minor)

Compression injuries


Cuts and wound care

Falls (from less than 7 ft)

Insect bites

Knee, shoulder, ankle sprains

Muscle injuries

Shin splints

Splinter removal

Skin Conditions

Chicken pox                            

Cold, canker & mouth sores


Heat rash




Minor psoriasis

Poison ivy & poison oak

Rashes & skin irritations




Scalp irritation


Skin infection


Swimmer’s itch

Wart evaluation



Stomach and Abdominal Pain


Gastric pain                               

Indigestion & heartburn

Nausea & vomiting



Women’s Health Concerns

Breast lumps or infections         

Emergency contraception            

General fatigue and malaise

Heart palpitations

Irritable bowel syndrome


Vaginal discharge or discomfort



In-House Lab Tests

Fecal blood test                 

Glucose finger stick test

H. pylori test                  

Mono test

Pregnancy test

Rapid flu test

Rapid strep test

Rapid RSV test


Minor Procedures

Blood draw                               


Lab specimen collection

Services excluded from the IndyPass visit fee

The IndyPass visit fee does not cover medical procedures, non-acute medical illnesses, preventive health services or lab tests sent to an outside lab for analysis. However, IndyPass members receive additional discounts on IndyCare’s affordable self-pay rates for all IndyCare services that are not covered as part of the IndyPass visit fee (see price list). The following is a list of common medical procedures and services that are not included as part of the IndyPass visit fee.


Cyst drainage Incision and drainage of abscesses

Ingrown toenail removal

Mole and wart removal Foreign object removal


Brainscope EEG scan

Ear wax removal


General Office Visit: Non-urgent medical concerns

Acne                                                                             Athlete’s foot                                                                                                      

Hair loss                                                                              

Medication refills Menstrual irregularity

Postpartum depression

Pregnancy testing Sleep disturbances

Thyroid testing

Vaccinations (except flu) Weight gain

Health Monitoring

A1c checks Diabetes monitoring                                             

High blood pressure monitoring

High cholesterol monitoring  

Travel Medicine

Malaria Motion sickness prevention

Pre-travel consultation

Travel vaccinations Traveler’s diarrhea prevention

Health Screenings and Wellness

Annual physicals

Cancer screening/testing                       

Lab screening consultation
Men’s health screening Pre-operation physicals

Vitamin b12 shots

IndyPass Price Discounted Price List for non-covered services

Preventive Health Services

 Self-pay  IndyPass
 General office visit  $99  $10
 Comprehensive health screening  $89  $70
 School, sports or camp physicals $59   Free
 Employment and administrative physicals  $69  Free
 Annual Comprehensive Preventative Exam $149   $99
 Quit smoking consultation  $59  $45
 Tuberculosis testing - placement  $35  $28
 Tuberculosis testing - test read  $25  $20
 Titers & Immunity testing consultation  $99  $79
 Travel health pre-travel consultation  $89 $70
 Birth control care consultation  $59 $47 
 Pregnancy evaluation  $79 $65
 Lab consultation & blood draw only (no exam)  $30  $24
 Vaccine administration  $30  $24
 Urine drug screen  $59  $49
 ONE TEST cancer screening  $159  $139


                                                   Self-pay  IndyPass
 Ear wax removal                                                          $80  $65
 Foreign body removal - ear  $110  $85
 Foreign body removal - eye  $60  $50
 Laceration repair (stitches) - simple  $150  $110
 Laceration repair (stitches) - intermediate  $200  $150
 BrainScope head injury assessment  $360  $270
 Skin lesion removal  $150  $110
 Skin biopsy - first lesion  $125 $100 
 Skin biopsy - additional lesions $60   $45

Outside Services

We understand that not all aspects of a patient’s care can be addressed directly by IndyCare. There may be prescriptions, lab tests, imaging studies and other services rendered outside of IndyCare required for an episode of care. We work closely with local partners to make discounted solutions available. A few examples include:

  • Prescriptions
  • Lab tests
  • Radiology/Imaging

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